Fund Your Practice With BizCom Loan

Running a medical practice requires working capital for every day expenses and expansion. At BizCom Loan, we offer healthcare financing for such purposes as practice acquisitions, equipment leasing and debt consolidation.

Financing Expansion Through Acquisition

Expanding your practice could mean merging or buying out a partner. In either case, you’ll need working capital to handle this kind of transaction. Qualified medical practitioners can earn up to 100% financing for your acquisition loan.

Save Money By Leasing Medical Equipment

The expense that comes with buying new medical equipment is often quite high. That’s why BizCom Loan provides healthcare financing for all your equipment needs. Working with our team means you could get as much as 50% of your soft costs covered.

Reduce Stress With Debt Consolidation

If you’re paying more than one monthly amount for your debts, then you could benefit from our debt consolidation program. Turning multiple payments into one means budgeting is easier and takes less time. You may also qualify for a lower interest rate than the ones you’re already paying.

Find Out More Today

Contact our office to speak with a qualified financial advisor who can answer your questions and get you started on an application. Medical financing is easier to get than ever with BizCom Loan’s help.