Capital To Get Your Business the Equipment It Needs

Every business needs equipment to grow and succeed. The BizCom Loan team is here to make buying or leasing new equipment easier. We offer fast approval times, excellent rates and long repayment terms so your business can get what it needs whether it is a bank of new computers or a fleet of bulldozers.

Benefits of Choosing BizCom Loan

When you choose BizCom Loan for your equipment financing and leasing, you’ll get great terms and large loan amounts. If your business has been established for two years or longer, we can offer long repayment terms. Our program has many other benefits as well.

  • Little to no down payment needed
  • Flexible payment structures available
  • No financial statements needed for small loan sizes
  • Larger loan amounts offered for middle market financing and large ticket items

Our Programs

To help businesses of all types, we offer several tailored financing programs. Our goal is to ensure your exact equipment financing needs are met.

  • Startup Programs: We help new businesses and those under two years old get capital for equipment purchases. These programs help founders get started on the right foot.
  • Poor Credit Programs: For businesses with less-than-ideal credit, these programs may make funding for equipment attainable. If you are facing difficult financial times, contact us to learn more.
  • Sales and Lease Back Programs: Access working capital for your business by selling us your equipment to lease back to you. This simple setup means that you get cash now and regain ownership of your equipment once all payments are made.
  • Government Programs: We help government and municipal entities purchase equipment. These programs offer guaranteed approval.
    • State and federal agencies
    • Schools
    • Emergency services departments
    • Armed services

Equipment Leasing

We also offer equipment leasing options. By leasing through BizCom Loan, you will improve your cash flow and receive many other benefits.

  • Low monthly payments
  • Maintain existing lines of credit
  • Avoid equipment obsolescence
  • Access tax advantages

Contact Our Team

Learn more about equipment financing from BizCom Loan today. Contact us for a consultation with one of our financial professionals.