Business teams often play an integral role in the overall success of companies. However, building a vibrant and cohesive team takes a lot of time and effort. Fortunately, there are some practical ways you can build your ideal team. Here are five ways you can build the right business team for your company.

Start with a Good Foundation

One of the first ways to build strong business teams is to lay the right foundation. It is important that each team member understand their individual contribution, as well as the overall goals the team as a whole is striving toward. This can eliminate any confusion your team members may have.

Conduct a Behavioral Assessment

Not everyone on your team will have the same personality types. Each individual has his or her unique approach to work. By giving everyone a behavioral assessment, you will be able to identify differences and work to make sure there aren’t any future problems or misunderstandings.

Encourage Discussion and Feedback

Sometimes a particular method of communication or initiative is just not working for your team members. This is when it can be valuable to periodically conduct surveys or initiate discussions to assess your team’s strengths, weaknesses or concerns. By providing a way for your team to voice their questions, concerns or ideas, you will show that their input holds weight.

Offer Encouragement

Everyone enjoys hearing when they are doing well. Take the time in your meetings to acknowledge individual team members and the impact they are making. Genuine compliments will make your team members feel valued.

Provide Teambuilding Activities and Opportunities

Once you’ve established a steady team, then you should think about providing activities for your team to further build camaraderie. You can do this in many different ways. For instance, you could come up with an obstacle course for your team to work through. This is a chance for your team to literally work together to solve a problem.

Another way to build camaraderie is to host at-work celebrations. For instance, you could serve breakfast to your team or spontaneously bring in a cake and some snacks. This is a good way to not only show appreciation to your team, but it is also a chance for your team members to bond without worrying about outside scheduling conflicts.

As you can see, putting together business teams is rarely easy. Not to mention there is no set formula to follow. What works for one team may not work for another. The most important thing you can do is be patient and flexible. Forming a strong team takes time.